Back in the swing of things!

So the new year is upon us, and I have been really bad with updating my blog 🙁

I recently re-added myself to the sub list for a local High School district, and am currently writing this on my lunch break at one of the schools.

After having my student teaching experience at an All-Boys Catholic High School, as opposed to this coed Public one, there are so many differences in the culture and atmosphere that make me question which one I prefer more.

Private School, especially one of a single gender has its own problems just in the placing.  I was at a school with all Boys, which means they were exceptionally rowdy with each other, and would often try to avoid doing work to make jokes in order to heighten their social status among their peers.  In fact, there is a web series on YouTube, called “Skool’d” that was written, directed, and starring some of the former students of the school.  You can check out the link here.  I feel it was a very accurate representation of what is going on at the school.

Public school, on the other hand has its own issues.  While Private has tuition, Public does not.  This means that the students might be coming from lower income families, and might not have the support that the private school students have.  This does not really mean that the education that they are getting at either school is of lesser quality, however.  Both schools have the same requirements for their teachers, and their curriculum are very similar.

But now that I am back, and passed my edTPA (THANK GOD) I have applied for my license, and am applying to jobs.  If anyone knows of a school in the Chicagoland area that is looking for a Middle or High School Drama Teacher, let me know!

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