New school year!

So it has been a while since my last post (I feel like my posts are generally going to start that way – Keeping a blog is not at the top of my priority list right now).

Since my last post, I have officially gotten my Professional Educator Licence for the state of Illinois and am certified to teach High School Drama.  That being said, I got the licence a little late in the summer (as I had to take an extra class) and did not secure a full time teaching position for the 2016-2017 school year.  Because of which, I am holding down two jobs (Substitute Teaching during the day and waiting tables on nights and weekends).

Today’s post is on teacher frustration.  Our nations educators have a hard job and often times it is because the students that they have to teach do not want to be here.  While this is not a NEW concept, more and more we are seeing instances of the rules allowing the students freedoms that they did not have before, shifting the power.  I made a post before about technology and how it is a wonderful tool but is becoming a distraction.  Today, while I was on my break in the teachers lounge, I heard a fellow educator talking to a colleague about a couple girls in her class.  Apparently the student went up to the teacher during a test and claimed that they had never been taught this material.  The teacher responded with “this is what we have been learning the last 2 weeks!”

“Yeah, but I was on facebook on my phone in class the last couple weeks!”

Someone save me.  Why did I choose to do this to myself?

First Post!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to my blog.  I am going to use this blog as an extension of my social media presence.  For those of you do not know me (which let’s be honest, if you made it here, you probably do) my name is Joe Baumgartner, and I am a variety of things.  I am an Actor, Web Designer, Teacher, Director, Gamer, and opinionated young adult.  I (at the time of writing) have just completed my Masters Program, and will be looking for a full time Drama Teacher position in the near future so that I can continue to create the art that I so love, which is performance.

In my free time, I enjoy coding for the sake of coding, playing World of Warcraft (For the Horde!) and chain watching seasons of television shows on Netflix.

The reason I also decided to begin blogging is that I discovered a blog that I had created about 3 years ago after the death of my father, John Baumgartner.  I had it hosted on my website, but I had not updated it in over a year.  When I did write in it however, I would find it therapeutic to write things out, and my father’s friends and my family found it nice to have it as a memory of him.  I decided that I would remove the site, as I am finally at a place that I no longer need it.  Because of which, it has been deleted.

I hope you all enjoy your stay at my blog!